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Hello fellow Travelers!

Thanks to, I was reading their blog and was led to a page discussing the top ten travel adventures. My interest was piqued, so I read on and suddenly I felt like packing my bags and jetting off into the unknown. Whether it was traveling to Cairo to see the Great Pyramids, or to Uganda to track wild Gorillas in the wilderness. Nonetheless, I wanted to see it all…

So therefore, I wanted to share this great blog created by Modcloth. Modcloth right? A clothing store? Write about Travel? Well, To answer.. Yes, Yes, and Yes. The answer is simple indeed. Read on and Pack your bags and say Hasta La Vista, Baby!

1. Egyptian Discovery. No surprise here!
2. Halloween in Transylvania – The Dracula Tour. Sure, it’d be a little creepy…but that’s the point! Adventure Transylvania describes this tour as a “pleasant, enjoyable walk through the bloody times of Dracula.” Ha ha.
3. The Hippie Trail. Made famous in the 1960s and 1970s, this trek from Western Europe to Nepal would be a life-changing experience for anyone that’s up for it.
4. The California 1 Road Trip is often described as being the best road trip in America. Hopefully this Pittsburgh girl will make it there someday.
5. Gorilla Tracking in Uganda. Nine days of tracking wild gorillas. Wow.
6. iExplore Antartica. Yes, you would be cold. But you would also get to visit penguin rookeries!
7. Galapagos Island NatureCruise with GreenTracks. GreenTracks is known for eco-adventures that are fun and educational. Many of their tours sound appealing, but the Galapagos Islands NatureCruise really piqued my interest. Perhaps it’s my love of turtles.
8. Sail Greece. Beauty and adventure – what more could you ask for in a vacation?
9. Ballooning over Stockholm. I’ve heard that Stockholm is the only capital city in the world where it is legal to explore by hot air balloon. What a unique and magical way to see this beautiful city!
10. Tour of Japan The Tokyo National Museum, the Ryoanji Temple, and fresh sushi are just a few reasons that a visit to Japan would be amazing.

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