May 14th, 2008 by Cherié

Top of the Morning to ya!

Shannon, Ireland

I wish I could say it was Top of the Morning when I arrived in Shannon Ireland. I was grumpy, tired, and frustrated. Our flight from Boston destined to arrive in London was detoured to Shannon, Ireland. One of the passenger had an fatal medical emergency, in other words if we didn’t land the plane immediately the passenger medical emergency could take a turn for the worst. Upon landing in Shannon, the ill passenger deplaned safely and was en route to the hospital via ambulance. Hours went by, we were still on the tarmac. No announcement from the pilot, nothing from any of the flight attendants. By hour four, we finally got an announcement that the airlines did not have an tow for the plane so we can get back on track. The pilot also announced that we had to deplane and go to a local hotel nearby. Walking around this tiny airport in the middle of Ireland, in the rain was actually quite lovely. All the frustration and drama I had endured before was made up by the beautiful scenery in Ireland. All I could see were green, green and sheep for miles. Arriving to the hotel, the Irish are so hospitable. We were served fresh dinner, consisting of delicious Butternut Squash Soup and Bread. The hotel was on top of a small hill, so you could actually see for miles. It was gorgeous, and made up for the disastrous morning that I had. However, about 8 pm in the evening we got word that we could go ahead and fly to London as we originally planned to! The flight actually landed in Heathrow airport in half an hour rather than 22 hours that it actually took in reality. But all in all, Shannon Ireland was an small seaport town, If you do decide to visit off the beaten track and decide to stop by this small town. Do not be surprised how small it is, if you are a heavy duty shopper then this town is not for you. Shannon, is a town for those who like the outdoors, who want to see nothing for miles and miles and look out to sea.

Happy Travels!

  1. Jessie V says:

    sounds perfect – a wonderful ending to a crazy flight!

  2. Alex says:

    That’s Ireland…Lovely, gorgeous and peaceful.

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