February 23rd, 2009 by Cherié

The Potatoland that is Idaho…..

Hello everyone! I am finally back home in California, and in my cold house lol. I am surprised what a lone house can do without its inhabitants can do. I came home, and found everything to be frozen!! Like literally so frozen! My trip to Idaho was an fun one, chaotic but a lot of fun! I finally got to see my wonderful family in Idaho!! I miss them so much already!! I’m counting the days when I can see them again! Boise, is such a really cool city!
Boise Downtown, or as it so aptly is known as BODO, oozes charm, personality, and some of the old world charm as well as trendy. When you drive around, you see the ornate Capital it will leave you in awe. Its so beautiful. There are pubs, trendy shoppes, cute little antique shoppes, and fabulous restaurants. There is one in particular, that is my favorite! It is known for being the best breakfast hangout in town, and it even received an award for “the best hangover breakfast in Boise”… When you walk in, you are walking into a trendy, mod place with delicious dishes! My personal favorite is the Spinach Frittata, which is smothered in creamy cheesy sauce. Just thinking about it wants me to hop on the next flight to Boise, and go to Goldy’s for the best frittata ever! I mean, It is that good. Boise has that east coast vibe to it, it is reminiscent of Boston. On the way to Eagle, which is becoming the new hot spot for Idaho, beautiful gorgeous homes, new shopping centers are formed. Speaking of shopping, there is this beautiful antique shoppe in Eagle, ” The Shabby House”. “The Shabby House” vibe is an 1940’s flair, with a boho twist. I love antiques, and cute funky trinket, so it should be no surprise as to how I fell in love with this place immediately. Its bright and cheerful interior decorated with a bunch of 1940’s furniture, posters and even clothing, can make any antique hunters go gaga! And the price is perfect, cheap, reasonable and just great for the those who are a bit strapped for cash. Boise, is a place to go for an relaxed, comfortable lifestyle, its scenery, the people, the town should be enough to win you over.


Hoped you liked this latest installment of Cherie’s travels 😛

Happy Travels!

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