July 16th, 2006 by Cherié

Sirnitz, it is – Austria.

Ever have a song stuck in your head that transport you to a time and place. To where you originally heard the song. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Free Falling” would be one of the songs that transport me to my fondest memories in Austria. Sitting around the campfire, singing along with the local Austrian belting out classics. “Free Falling”, Oasis “Wonderwall” and the classic “American Pie” tunes were sung around the campfire. Here I was in the outskirts of Austria with my friends, the austrian locals, sitting around the campfire belting out tunes. It was like camp all over again, without the smores. Suddenly the hills became alive with music, only to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Sirnitz, Austria is a beautiful place, greenery all around, with the occasional rustic church in the distance. Frolicking is a must, running through the knee high grass is a experience all on its own. After our late night hike, dusk is settling in we walked back to the local bar/bowling alley. Snacking on our Appelstrudels that we had made in the Innsbruck culinary college. Smuggling milka chocolate bars, after buying a whole stack of chocolate bars. Well up into the night, giggling, gossiping, and snacking on those delicious chocolate bars. By the time I woke up, looking out the window the tangerine sky was rapidly approaching, the fog was soon clearing out. The mountains all aglow from the morning sun, it was a sight to be seen. As my friends walked down the spiral staircase from the loft, morning greetings were exchanged and we stared out in awe of the beautiful scenery.

Sitting around with the locals, singing Wonderwall by Oasis was by far one of my favorite moments of my trip. Wrapping up my time in Austria, I was surprised to see how much I have grown to love this town. I was easily drawn to this place, its vast rolling hills, quaint buildings perched upon the hills. It certainly feels alive, the atmosphere is unforgettable.
Looking out the window from my (awesome)hotel room. Pondering the trip so far, I was blissfully happy to be here. Lets say this, Austria, who knows much about this place? I am fortunate that I have gotten the chance to know it better, to visit the town of Sirnitz. A sleepy little town, with charming, hospitable locals. The sun was setting behind the hills, I got top notch views from my bedroom window. The mountains in all their glory, I decided to set out for a walk with my friends. Hearing my feet hit the pavement, kicking up gravel and frolicking the fields of Austria. Just walking along the country side was a relaxing break from a whirlwind trip. Chatting about what is to come, and recalling our fondest memories. Afterward, we made our way back to the local bar/restaurant. I played pool with my closest friend, and of course drank soda and ate more applestrudels that we had made ourselves earlier. It was our first day in Sirnitz, we had just come from Innsbruck. In Innsbruck, we made Applestrudels in the local culinary college, the chef was quirky indeed. Right when we walked into the school, on the big flat screen in the lobby was the Tour De France competition, it was halfway over. I had been in France the week before, seeing them prepare for the big race, but I was in Austria when it actually happened. Rolling up in the big bus into Sirnitz, with our strudels stored in a cooler for a after dinner snack made for a pretty memorable experience.

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