June 23rd, 2014 by Cherié

Photo of the Week: Iceland



A rush of steam expels from the desolate landscape, green moss grows on the black volcanic rock, with a stream of cloudy blue water flowing into the nearby lake. The water is milky blue, with dark, slate black rocks – the contrast is stunning. Mountains rise up in tall formations with icy caps of pure white snow resting on top.  The sharpness of the cold penetrates through my jacket, my cheeks flushed  with a shiver with each step I take towards this striking landscape that is Iceland.

  1. Brad Gingerich says:

    Great photo! Also I love your writing style…keep traveling and blogging! Iceland is one place I’d love to go some day…thanks for the glimpse!

  2. summer0se says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say, I just saw your TV ad piece and what an inspiration you are. Can’t wait to see where you travel to next #envious #ilovetravel Enjoy & live the dream!
    summer0se x

  3. Yong Woo Song a.k.a. HABI says:

    I can almost feel the cold you felt at the scene! Thanks for the nice photo.

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