April 6th, 2009 by Cherié

Lake Arrowhead, California

View of Lake Arrowhead

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the mountains couldn’t be any more beautiful. Lake Arrowhead is the known for is cold winters and for it’s easy access to Big Bear ski resorts. Nestled smack dab in the middle of San Bernadino Mountains, in Southern California. Most come up here for a little R&R, skiing and what else, it’s picturesque location. Once you arrive, the first stop is the Village. “The Village” which is reminiscent of a Swiss town with it’s European style buildings. It is the place to go for festivals, little shopping, and of course taking a spin on the lake with your boats. In the fall, you will encounter our own version of Oktoberfest, in the winter there are Singing Carols, and of course boatloads of concerts in the Summertime. There are three beautiful lakes in the San Bernadino Mountains, Lake Gregory, Lake Arrowhead, and Lake Silverwood all of which are in close vicinity of each other. There are a range of outside sports you can do here, Hang Gliding, Boating, Water Skiing, Swimming, and of course Skiing/Snowboarding. Big Bear ski resorts is actually about half hour to a hour away from Lake Arrowhead. The mountains is at is peak during the winter and during the summer. Come on up! visit my hometown!

So, the next time you drink the Lake Arrowhead bottle, think about arranging a trip to the actual place.

Keep in mind: the winters are harsh, driving up the mountain is a bit risky. Make sure you have chains, warm clothes, and drive with caution. The fog makes the driving really hazardous, be careful and drive slow.

Happy Travels!

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