July 21st, 2006 by Cherié

La Dolce Vita

Easily translated as “The Sweet Life”, And it its indeed. I have to say, I admire their casual lifestyle, they work hard and play hard. The Italians really hit home with me, because I look at them and they are loyal, they value family and love, and of course they take pride in their cuisine. Everywhere I looked, beautiful majestic landscape, with quaint old buildings and the occasional elderly lady gazing out the window and the gentleman’s sitting nearby the cafe chatting with their buddies. It is casual, serene, and lovely, I simply just fell in love with Italy right then. But not to be mistaken, lots of young people such as I flock to Italy, mainly for the arts, the history, and I’d be lying to say it wasn’t the food that attracts us to Italy.

Florence(Firenze), Pisa, Rome(Roma), Jesolo, Venice(Venezia) and Volterra are among the places I visited during my time in Italy. Now, I will say this the Art is just amazing, beautiful, there are no words to describe it. Really, when you are there, you are in another world entirely and I assure you you would love this world. Roma as they call it in Italy, was one of my favorite places to visit, the Colosseum just blew me away. Of course, right away I began my search for Russel Crowe, but to no avail couldn’t find him. However, when I was there I began imagining the old days, the gladiator fights, the crowds roaring and of course the Emperor gallantly sitting on the throne, quietly watching the fight.. The gladiator that lost the fight, it was up to the emperor to spare their life and how? With a simple thumbs down signal. Another source says that the signal was dropping the white handkerchief. The thumbs down is the most known signal regarding this issue. I have an inkling that Ebert and Roper would have done well in this era.. Why yes, simply thumbs up! but this scrawny gladiator, no life, no enthusiasm, I simply lost my interest in his fight.. Thumbs down….

A majority of the cities in Italy are known for something, whether it be their wine, food, art, sculptures, location, just about anything. They take pride in what they are known for, and want to share it with the world. When you are there, take up on their offer. Go ahead go for that piece of pizza, second glass of wine. Just simply Indulge and Relax.

Florence was grand because of the Statue of David located in the Academia Gallery. Michelangelo works are just pure divine, and I am honestly in awe of his works, to work so diligently for years and create such beautiful pieces of art. I’m floored in Florence.
Note: Don’t be fooled by the replica of David outside Palazzo Vecchio

I have gone into great lengths about Italy, what can I say? I just simply fell in love with this rustic, lovely country. I hope to go back some day, and trek even further, into the unknown and perhaps Naples πŸ™‚

La Dolce Vita

Venice, View from the Gondola πŸ™‚


  1. Federica says:

    Hi! I saw you recently on the ipad air advertising so i decided to take a look at your blog and it blew me away. You visited so many places, saw so many different people and culture and i wanted to see what you said about my country, Italy. So i’m here with this not-so-good english saying to you thanks because you’re really a wonderful person and please don’t stop travel and wonder.

  2. Rogerq says:

    Hello Cherie
    I’ve been recently in Rome for the first time. This city is wonderfull and it will bring me to me some very good memories for long time.

    thank you for your blog who makes us travel too.


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