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Eyeing the Photojojo Iris Lens Series





It’s finally here!!

I’ve been eyeing the Photojojo Iris Lens ever since it came out on the market. When I got a new case for my phone, my old magnetic Photojojo lens sadly became obsolete. But when they announced a new lens series that packs some serious power  –  I was elated. These lenses are made in the same factory as Leica, Canon, and Nikon. Talk about being in the big leagues!

I wanted to step up my mobile photography game this year and this was the perfect tool to do it. When Photojojo was looking for Iris Ambassadors, I jumped at the chance. Not only that – they gave me a 20 dollar off PROMO code for my readers to use! Scroll down for the code, and check out the photos.

Photojojo Iris Lens

I was absolutely positively giddy when I opened the box!

Now lets talk nerdy…

What is in the Iris 3 Lens series box?  (iPhone 6s/Plus version)

  • Macro Lens
  • Fisheye Lens
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • 2 plates for caseless phones (one for iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus)
  • 2 iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus specific plates for cased phones
  • One mount (which has a case, and can double as a lens carrier!)
  • Lastly, a quick-start manual.

I was surprised at the weight of these lenses; they felt sturdier, tougher, and much sharper than ever. The interlocking covers make it easy to carry around, without having to rifle through your bag looking for a lens. Pretty nifty huh?

Each lens is compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, as well as the Samsung S5 and S6.  You can even use these with most cases, or without. Photojojo boasts that they can fit virtually any iPhone case (even the Otterbox) and I believe them. With just one bungee cord with an attached cap, it fit over my semi bulky Unicorn Beetle iPhone 6 Plus case. In addition kit also has two attachments for those sans case, which is perfect. They truly thought of everything, all of the nuts and bolts.

Photo Jojo Iris Lens

Photo credit: Photojojo

“Okay that sounds great Travel Bee,”  you may be thinking “but just get to the point already: are they easy to assemble?” The answer is yes! The kit comes with a complete installation guide, they also offer customized video tutorials online. I actually found it easier to just follow along with the video – all you have to do is select which phone you have.

A quick note – if you are seeing some vignetting in your photos, then you have the wrong plate. I made this mistake, thinking both plates were identical – but if I had looked with my “special eyes”,  I would have noticed the little imprint that specifically marked “iP6Plus/iP6s Plus”. As soon as I realized I was using the wrong plate, and installed the correct one in my case, the problem was solved. D’oh!



See how I had the wrong plate in the picture? I needed the iPhone 6 Plus. Oy!


Prices vary depending on what you’re looking for; the kit was originally priced at $109, but it’s currently on sale for $69 buckeroos. Now, add the 20 dollar off coupon I’m sharing with you, what a deal!  But if you tend to favor one lens than the others, then buying the individual lenses would be better for you. They are on sale for about $34.50 each(originally $69 per lens). So take advantage of the sale while you can!  Unfortunately the coupon code I mentioned does not cover individual lenses, it only works for the three lens set.  The price may be steep for these lenses, but honestly with the quality these lenses provides – I believe it is worth it. I also love the fact that lens work seamlessly for taking videos, which can add a bit of uniqueness to your Instagram vids!

Now as for the cons (there are hardly any): I wish there was a little carrying case included in the kit. Although Photojojo has other cases on their site, but you would have to buy them separately. It would be handy to have a cute bag to store these lenses, and the spare parts for my travels.  The other con I have, is that it’s a little tricky to interchange the lenses on the spot.  When I wanted to switch from the Macro to the Wide Angle quickly, it wasn’t super easy to pull the first lens out of the socket and switch it without fumbling a bit. The upside is that the lenses are very stable and sturdy in the socket, so they won’t fall out. Always bring a little microfiber cloth to clean the lenses in between, alas the kit does not provide one – but I am sure you can find one laying around the house somewhere or pick one up at the local dollar store.

Still have questions? Feel free to ask me in the comments, or check out their FAQ Section.  

 Now, who is ready for some photography fun?
Freak Alley Pix

Taken with the Fisheye lens


Perfect for taking landscape, group portraits or even interior shots. This is the best one for getting as much you can into one photo. Personally I love using the wide angle lens for bustling city scenes,  landscapes, group photos, art murals, or finally getting a good photo of all four of my dogs in one picture! Which is no easy feat 😉

Specs from their site:

  • 100-degree lens, fits 2x more in your photo
  • Four element optical grade glass
  • High center resolution for maximum clarity

 No Wide Angle Lens BODO

Photo taken without the Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle with lens

Taken with the Wide Angle Lens.

Wide Angle Freak Alley

Just to give you an idea of how much it packs into one picture!


This is personally my favorite lens, with it’s laser focus it picks up the subject with amazing precision. I was blown away with the detail and quality of the Macro lens provides. Possible uses are for closeups of water droplets, ladybugs, your Avengers action figure collection, ice cream sprinkles, DIY tech projects, and for creating bokeh effects. The possibilities are endless with the Macro, it’s not just for taking pictures of flora and fauna; it allows you to take fun close ups of so many unique things with such definition. I love the softness that the macro produces in its photos, it creates such a ethereal vibe to each picture.

Specs from their site:

  • 10x magnification
  • 3mm focusing distance, extreme closeup!
  • Ultra crisp high resolution center


Ladybug macro

I spy with my Macro eye… Ladybug taken with the iPhone 6 Macro lens

Ladybug sans macro lens

Ladybug without the macro lens

Macro Flora

Just look at the detail, and how vibrant it is with the Macro Lens.

 FISHEYE:If you prefer bubbly, vignetted fisheye photos, then skip this one. But if you’re like me, and prefer no vignetting and a subtle fisheye effect –  then this is the holy grail of fisheye lens. I personally love taking Graffiti art photos with the fisheye lens, it just takes it to another level. The fisheye lens takes the photo to an artistic level, but at the same time it also (kind of) doubles as a wide angle lens – taking in so much more, but with a bubble effect.  You can use them for portrait shots like I did (pictured above), or even for taking pictures of patterns, unique art sculptures and so forth.

Specs from their site:

  • 180-degree lens
  • Three ground glass elements
  • Full-frame fisheye with zero vignetting
Freak Alley Fisheye

Freak Alley taken with Fisheye lens

Freak Alley Sans Fisheye

Freak Alley without the fisheye lens

Fisheye Oscar Wilde Art resized

Another Fisheye snapshot. I absolutely love it for street art photography.


PROMO CODE: BEE20. It’s good for $20 off the Iris 3 Lens Set and the best part is that it won’t expire until 2017!  Just a quick reminder – the code only works for the Three Lens Series not individual lenses. 
Disclaimer:  The Iris Lens Series kit were provided by Photojojo. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

  1. MarkDeafMcGuire says:

    I have been “hearing” about these lenses but never really had a chance to see their results. From the looks of your pictures, they are not too shabby. 🙂 Love the ladybug detail. I’m curious, have you tried making videos with them? How did they turn out?

    • Cherie says:

      I love these lenses, they feel much sturdier than the other ones that I have tried. The Macro is my personal favorite, because of the detail it gave the Ladybug. I tried making a short video with the Macro even, and it turned out fantastic! I will upload them on here, and let you know ????

      • MarkDeafMcGuire says:

        Awesome, looking forward to your videos.

        I’m in the process of getting a new smartphone in the next few months but waiting to finish all my research on smartphones’ ability to produce great photos/videos, apps, attachments (like these lenses), etc… so your video will go a long ways for me. No pressure, though. 🙂

        • Cherie says:

          Ack, the pressure is on! Hehe I am actually going to take some videos in California next week with these lenses, and will definitely let you know as soon as I upload them! 🙂 Which smartphone are you leaning towards?

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