July 7th, 2006 by Cherié

Bonjour Paree!

Audrey Hepburn once said Bonjour Paree! in the acclaimed film “Funny Face”. She arrives in Paris with Fred Astaire, do a song and dance about Paris with such enthusiasm. Having arrived in the City of light, love and art. I now know what they were talking about, the feel, the atmosphere of Paris just was breathtaking.. I was in awe…

On the flight over, I was so ecstatic, I barely could sit still. This was my first time being abroad, flying into a foreign country with a wonderful group of people. Right away we headed to the Eiffel tower, there was no time to rest despite the time difference. I looked out side my window, and my first view of Paris was the grey mist rolling in, and the green patches of grass besides the cold tarmac. We deplaned, and got on the tarmac, and boarded a bus with no seats. We had to stand whilst the driver was winding through the airport tarmac, holding onto a little bar for support. Needless to say, it was a interesting start to the day. We boarded our Official Tour Bus, one that we would be taking through Europe. After a 13 hour flight, we headed over to Eiffel tower in Paris, it was only 9 am. We had a long day ahead of us.
Tour De’ Eiffel, was amazing considering that it had rained at the top. Oh, the weather was fickle when I was there. One minute it was clear as day, sun shining bright and the next it was treacherous downpour. The view was to die for, seeing all of Paris the new and the old was absolutely amazing. My fear of heights was quickly forgotten for a moment, taking in the sights of Paris. Our group went our separate ways, we explored the Tower, shopped at the small souvenir shoppe at the second level. Once me and my friends had realized that we had 15 minutes to meet up with the rest of the group at the bottom. We bolted, and ran to the Elevator. Only to get there when everyone is just getting on, filling up the entire elevator. Leaving us with No room to board. My friend looked at me, and went “Lets take the stairs!”. WHAT?! Take the stairs from the second level to the ground level? NO WAY. But somehow, I was persuade as we had 10 minutes left. Great. I headed down stealthily,and shakily. The stairs were see through, metal, and rickety. I was a nervous wreck. Reminding myself to breathe every once and a while. My fear of heights was evident here.
After meeting up with the rest of the group, we made our way to the boat tour of the Seine river. Within the first 15 minutes everyone in my group passed out(except me and two other people), and missed the entire tour. Not moi, sneakingly I went to the side of the boats where I could see the sights better, and clearer. If it were not for the dang plastic overhead on the boat. Not very clever is it? A sightseeing boat tour, where a plastic overhead is obstructing your view of Paris?? It was interesting, I will say that for sure!!
Towards the end of the day, we made our way to the Hard Rock cafe for something familiar. Something that reminded us of home, that something familiar turned out to be burnt American burgers. How ironic? I had come to Paris, for burnt American burgers. In Paris, the buses have designated parking spots, they cannot park right out of the restaurants or anywhere else for that matter. So you will have to walk a bit to your place of visit. Upon eating our quite interesting Americanized dinner, we made our way back to the bus for the last location of the day, our hotels. It suddenly started to drizzle slightly, it was quite clear that we had about a mile to walk to get to our bus and that we were in trouble…As we headed to the bus, it had gone from a mild drizzle to a heavy downpour. Fickle weather eh?
At this point, we all ran towards the bus, but unfortunately for me I was stuck behind because of all the cars waiting for a quick getaway. Standing on the curb, drenched to the spine. All of my stuff including my sneakers became drenched in the Parisian rain. I truly felt like Gene Kelly in the film “Singing in the Rain”. I didn’t care, that it was pouring, I didn’t care for the fact that my stuff was getting ruined. At that moment, My friend shouted out “WELCOME TO PARIS!”… and that’s exactly what it was, it was an wonderful way to the end the day. Visiting Paris, is quite magical, memorable, and lovable. You wont regret visiting Paris, you will just fall in love all over again…

Therefore making Paris the one place a must visit! When you walk along the lovely streets of Paris, trying to understand the French language with a baguette in hand.. You are the typical tourist, Stopping every now and then to take a photo of the majestic buildings, structures and art adored in the streets. When you are in Paris, the list is endless. I suggest that you write a list of all the must sees in Paris, plan your time well. The top Five places you must see in Paris are,
*Eiffel Tower-For the view
*The Louvre- For the arts
*Champs Elysee- For the Fashion
*The Notre Dame – For the peace and serenity
*Chateau De Versailles- For the Royalty

All these places, your going to want a significant amount of time to visit, I guarantee you…
Plus, There’s a restaurant hidden in the Versailles Garden!! Get the Ice cream while you are there, I kid you not it is the best in the world!

Bonjour everyone! Merci for reading my blog πŸ˜€

Bonjour Paree The Eiffel Tower

Bonjour PareeNotre Dame! Do you see the hutchback?? πŸ˜›

Bonjour Paree


  1. Denis says:

    I am so glad you are doing this blog. I am tour guide in Paris. Twice now I have had to pass on tours simply because I don’t speak sign language. The groups were understanding but I felt terrible. I’d love to open up travel more for the deaf. I think what you are doing is terrific. Denis -www.parlezparis.us

  2. Maureen Anderson says:

    Hi Cherie King!
    Like so many others I have just watched the advert for the iPad Air. What would we do without the wonders of these marvellous inventions. I have travelled abit but no where as much as I would have dreamed. I have places in my mind where I would love to go, but age and commitments keep me from going to them. But I love looking at photos and reading about travel, so I was delighted to find your blog. My brother Freddie is disabled, both mind and body, but he has done things I wished I had the courage, one was to ride a horse!!
    Take care and I look forward to start reading your travels from the very first one.

  3. juhee says:

    I’m glad to leave a comment.
    I saw you on TV commercial and I was interested in your blog. ^^ so I serched on the Internet.
    I’m Korean. My English is not flunt. I hope you understand.
    Your journey is wonderful~β˜† In May, I traveled in paris, too. It was beautiful place.
    Do you have any plan to visit to South Korea? I hope to read your Korea journey someday.^^

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