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Birthday gifts for the Jet – Setter (2017 Edition)



With my birthday coming up (wink, wink, nudge) I thought it would be fun to compile a birthday gift guide for the traveler in your life. I have you covered from tech, for the home, clothing, as well as a couple of fun goodies and much more!


Tech Gear

Fuji Camera

Fuji Camera X-A2/ XC16 – 50mm Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera with Lens kit.  Last year I was contemplating a new camera and had this on my wishlist. After doing a lot of research, I decided to switch to the Fuji Camera mirrorless camera and am so thrilled that I did. This is the perfect camera for the newbie photographer, as well as the advanced. The photos from my trip to the Philippines turned out spectacular, and it was so easy to adjust the settings.


SanDisk iExpand Flash Drive for the iPhone –  I absolutely love the fact that I can upload my camera’s photos/videos directly via this flash drive. Granted, many mirrorless cameras transfer seamlessly to your phones. So why get this? How many times has someone taken a group photo, and you wished you had it? This solves that problem. I found it really handy to have at conferences, group gatherings and so forth.  I was able to easily transfer some of the photos onto the flash drive from my phone and they were able to download the photos on their phones. Which made sharing to social media a snap!


Kindle Paperwhite  – Last year, I received this as a gift from a friend of mine and loved it!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the feel of turning a crisp page from a paperback book, but I will admit that the Kindle Paperwhite converted me. I absolutely loved the vocabulary feature, being able to bookmark where I left off, having it tell me how much estimated time left in the chapter and best of all the battery life lasts for weeks! I never travel without my Kindle these days. For book recommendations, scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

Iris Lens series blog

Photojojo Iris Lens –  You may remember this from last year, but I wanted to remind you that my promo code will expire soon.  Use the BEE20 Promo code at checkout to get 20% off.

Google Chromecast

Chromecast– This is a repeat item from last year, but I cannot tell you how much I love my chrome cast. They made it easier than ever to stream onto your TV; so you can listen to Spotify, watch the latest Westworld episode on HBO, or even show off your vacation photos to your family on the big screen. Especially now that Netflix recently announced that you can download shows  (YAAAAS!)


Amplyphyze Alarm Clock- Since I am Deaf, I rely on this little gem to wake me up for my flight, or important meetings. Simply download the TCL App, and set up various alarms, or even timers. Only need to wake up at 8 am on mon & weds? This app has you covered, what I love about this app is that you can customize it to go off on certain days of the week.  The tiny alarm clock itself will vibrate, so put it next to you or under your pillow (be sure to check your pillow before you check out of your hotel!)


Fitbit HR Charge – you may remember me mentioning my Fitbit in my previous post “10,000 steps in San Fransisco”. Perfect for the health fanatic that wants to stay in shape on the road.


Bobby Anti – Theft Backpack – You may remember this from Kickstarter last year, an anti – theft backpack made it’s round on the internet. When uncommon goods had them in stock, I was elated! When I finally received mine courtesy of Uncommon Goods, I could clearly see why this was a highly coveted item. With its handy pocket for chargers(it even comes with a USB charging port), a multitude of hidden pockets, cushiony insert for your beloved laptop. For more details/photos check out my review on the backpack!

4 inch charger cord

Do you ever get annoyed with the extra long cable cord when you are charging your phone with the portable charger? Did you know they make charging cords that are 4 inches long, which makes it so much easier to store it in your pocket or purse! Plus, they are Apple MFi certified! Buy the Apple Lightning to USB cable cord 

Ihome battery

Need a charger to boot? I personally love how slim these iHome portable chargers are, they are really powerful with 6,000 mAh of power! Not to mention that they can charge two devices at a time.

Car Charger

Or perhaps this super cool BESTEK car battery charger that not only doubles as a jump starter for your car but it also charges your devices. With a built-in 10000mAh battery capacity, two dual USB port, as well as a built-in flashlight with SOS strobe light capabilities making this a really powerful tool to have on your road trip. In case you ever get stranded on the side of the road, having this tool can be a life saver! It also includes jumper cables, mobile charger, car charger as well – they truly covered all the bases!



Camkix – Carrying case for the GoPro to keep your GoPro safe!

Gopro Kit

But why stop at the case when you can get them a whole kit instead! The Vanwalk GOPRO sports accessories kit includes 22 different items such as the selfie stick, a floatie stick, chest harness, head strap, suction cup, bicycle handlebar and so much more! If you don’t think they will need all 22 items, there are different bundle kits ranging from 40, 18, 12 item kits and more.



Google Photos

Gift them Google Photos Storage – while you can have unlimited photo storage, but the downside is the lower quality. For for the avid photographer, it can be costly to store all of their high definition photos in one place. You can even back up every photo from your phone, iPad/and or computer devices and be able to access them anywhere.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Membership  – Find something you like? Chances are that it is available on Amazon. Having the two-day free shipping has helped me out so much whenever I needed to order something right before a trip. Included with the annual Prime membership is two-day shipping, prime pantry, a wide selection of free videos, songs to stream, and a bunch more.  Don’t forget to set up AMAZON SMILE – in which each order you make, a small percentage is donated to your charity of choice. Mine is set up for the Idaho Humane Society, there is a bunch of other charities/organizations that you can choose from. It is so great knowing that my purchases will help those in need, it also tells you how much you’ve donated over the year. But make sure you have the Amazon Smile page open each time you order (it won’t work via mobile app). So bookmark it!

As you wish

As You Wish by Cary Elwes – Any self-professed Princess Bride fan needs to read this charming memoir by Elwes. He recounts many memories including Andre the Giant, how he got the role and how Billy Crystal held up production because Rob Reiner would be in stitches laughing so hard. It is full of charming anecdotes that will make you fall in love with the film all over again.

Marco Pierre White

The Devil in the Kitchen: Sex, Pain, Madness, and the Makings of a Great Chef by Marco Pierre White.  Coming from a family that loves to cook, most of them have worked as a chef, owned their own restaurant, or even worked on the line. So it is not a surprise that I find myself drawn into memoirs by written by Chefs. This was an enthralling read about a world renowned chef rise to fame, and why he was the first chef to ever return a Michelin star. If you love this sort of thing as well, then Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” is another fantastic read.

Lonely Planet Book

The Perfect Place to be Today: 365 things to do and the perfect day to do them by Lonely Planet – for those that need a little extra inspiration for 2017…

What I was doing while you were breeding

What I was doing while you were Breeding: A Memoir by Kristin Newman. Sitcom writer (How I met your Mother, The Neighbors)  turned solo traveler, go read the sharp wit and humor that she so endearingly writes in her travel memoir.

From Excuses to Excursions

From Excuses to Excursions: How I Started Traveling the World by Gloria Atanmno – I am so lucky to call this amazing woman my friend, she is so insanely talented and inspirational.  Download her book asap, you won’t be disappointed!



San Felipe Scarf

Speakeasy Scarf – Another repeat offender, but I love it that much. So handy with its secret pocket, perfect for storing your passport, metro cards, lipstick or perhaps a flask…

Tee Davao

My best friend modeling the cover up.

Teal/Pink Floral Beach Cover Up – My best friend looked so stylish on her last tropical vacay, and I commented on how much I loved it. She even gifted me one this year, and I absolutely love it!

I want to believe shirt

I want to believe Tardis/ X – Files tank top– for a little twist on the normal travel themed shirts. You get the best of both worlds 😉

Not all those who wander are lost shirt

“Not All Those That Wander Are Lost” shirt – perfect for the Tolkien fan. Available for Men & Women in different styles such as t- shirt, hoodie, tank top, or even a baby one piece.

Note – Lookhuman.com has a huge selection of fantastic travel themed shirts, posters, mugs, etc. Just search for travel, and peruse hundreds of cute shirts.


Sephora – did you know you can snag a Beauty Insider birthday gift? This year it is the Tarte lip and cheek set. Not only that, with each order you are able to get three free samples. I was able to snag up to 6 free samples, and the shipping was free because of the new Sephora Flash 2 day shipping option ($10)


Sephora Birthday 2017

Gimme Brow by Benefit – I never realized the importance of filling in your eyebrows, it honestly makes a huge difference.  Gimme Brow by Benefit is my new go, it makes your eyes look perkier which can be a huge plus after a long flight.

Gimme Brow


I have a bit of a confession to make, I’ve recently become obsessed with Asian beauty products lately – they seriously have the best stuff! 

Miracle Rose Cleanser

Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Stick – Quite possibly one of the best beauty finds this year. The scent is heavenly, with rose and oat.  It comes in a stick form, which is a bonus as I do not have to check this in the liquids bag!  

Konjac Sponge

Use with Konjac Sponge – I prefer the Charcoal variety, but they come in so many different scents. Lemon, Green Tea, Mint, Lavender, Red Clay, and so much more! The sponge is made from Konjac root, which helps fight acne and keep your skin looking fresh.

clean it zero

Clean it Zero – If you’re like me, makeup is a must, but sometimes it is hard to get the mascara off. Here comes this solution, it is soft, light and will get rid of all the grease from the mascara in one fell swoop. Funny story, it even worked when my boyfriend came home from working on the race car with grease all over his arms, face – this actually got it all off!

Biore UV Lotion

Biore Sarasara UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ – Hands down the best lotion/sunscreen that I’ve ever tried. If you’re like me and have a sensory issue with heavy, oily sunscreen lotions for your face and have been looking for a lighter version – then look no further than this. I was amazed at how silky smooth this lotion was, and on top of that it makes my face look dewy and amazing. I am in love, I never travel without this, ever.

Korean Face Masks – You are probably seeing these take the beauty industry by storm, hitting the shelves in every store lately and for a good reason too! They are a godsend, I cannot live without these masks. Honestly, my skin has never felt this smooth and healthy.  Sometimes on really long flights, I will put them on for half an hour while everyone is sleeping (so I don’t scare everyone with my crazy mask hehe) that way I look refreshed when I get off the plane. The scents are endless, they even have printed “animal” themed character masks, masks with gold specks, and even strange combinations like Bee venom and honey or Tomato, Broccoli, etc.  The choices are endless, but I will share my personal favorites.

Tony Moly Masks

I personally love the Tony Moly brand (which is is a steal on Amazon, $10 for 11 masks!). My personal favorites are the Seaweed, Tea Tree, Lemon and the Red Wine if you’re so inclined buying it individually. They also have the Pokemon character face masks, which look so cute!

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl – My Beauty Diary face masks can do no wrong, this is one my personal favorites; so luxurious!

Memebox is another fantastic site to order face masks from. Keep an eye out for deals, sometimes you can get these masks for $1.00 by buying via the memebox app!  The only downside is that they switch out the masks depending on availability, so if you have a favorite – stock up! Case in point, my favorites are the  Botanic Farm Rose or the Cherry Blossom scented ones (which are out of stock at the moment but usually are restocked)  I also love Tosowoong’s Honey, Deep Sea, or even the Pure Green Tea masks.

Forever21 also has a selection of face masks. My other personal favorite is the PureSmile brands; I love the Peach and the Strawberry milk masks.

Daiso mask

Try with the Daiso Japan Reusable Silicone Face Mask cover – it will keep your mask in place while you are doing chores, or indulging in a nap 😉

argan oil

Organix Moroccan Argan Weightless Hydrating Oil – I recently tried this and was amazed by the results. Men can even use this for their beards to keep them from drying out and frizzing.

EOS pack

EOS Pink Grapefruit lip balm, lotion, and kleenex pack or if you just want the individual Grapefruit lip balm which is my personal favorite besides the Coconut Milk.

For the Home


“Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers” Mug  – Does there need to be an explanation?

San Diego Tumbler

Starbucks coffee tumblers with gorgeous painted scenery depicting each 50 states!! I cannot wait to get my hands on the Idaho, California, and Hawaii cups.  You can also get the “You are Here” mugs as well, they have a ton of international versions as well. Check to see if they have one in the city you’re visiting here. I try to grab a mug for my friend’s collection, it’s a perfect, fun memento!

London print

London Illustrated Map – perfect for the Anglophile!


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – while this is not technically travel related. But it has been amazing that I had to add it in here. Whenever I am home, I am able to diffuse different oils in these which makes my house smell heavenly. Some of these scents remind me of my vacation if there is a particular scent that I love, a floral or musky it can bring be back to that place. The humidifier even helps me whenever I am recovering from a cold after a long trip!

I personally love Eucalyptus, Lavender, Jasmine, and Grapefruit.

Tea Kettle

Collapsible Silicone Tea Kettle (Royal Blue) – for those that want to drink their tea/coffee on their camping trips! Also available in Green.

Stay classy my friends 


Champagne Carry on Kit – I’ve gifted these, and they’ve always been a great hit with my friends and family. I recently received this from Uncommon Goods, and  I look forward to celebrating my birthday in style with this kit.  They also come in Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary,  The Old Fashioned and the new hot toddy version.

Passport Holder

Customized Passport Holder – for those that want something a little more personal, customizing with a personalized passport with their favorite travel quote is the way to do it. Perusing Etsy, I stumbled upon these and fell in love with these gorgeous patterns and quality.


Scratch Off Travel Journal – Made by the same company that did the ever popular Scratch off Map. It is now available in journal form, with little mini scratch off posters that you can frame when you are done.

Customised globe

Customized “Adventure Awaits” globe  – there are so many quotable globes to choose from this charming Etsy shop.

Miscellaneous Miscellany:


Tabasco Packets – My best friend actually travels with a bottle of Tabasco, no joke.  In fact, she would cart it around with her in her purse in our day to day travels and honestly, I love her for it. On our flight home from a trip, I was given some really bland scrambled eggs for breakfast, but then I had an aha moment and grabbed the tabasco bottle.  After twenty-four hours of travel, sometimes the little things can make a huge difference.  I even did a little dance in my seat, it honestly made my flight so much better having breakfast that tasted so much better. So when I found out that amazon had Tabasco packets for sale, I was elated! Guess who will be getting a supply of Tabasco this year? 😉

See also: Gluten Free Soy Sauce Packets ( Since I am celiac, carrying a couple of packets have been so handy whenever I am in a sushi restaurant). Not only that, they also have Sriracha travel packets.

Cosy Spot

Cosyspot Heating Pad –  I actually got this as a gag gift for my sister one year, and she actually loved it so much. I would roll my eyes, and wonder why she would bring something like that with her on her travels. Until one day, on a family trip I was freezing, so asked to borrow it. I immediately understood why this was the best thing ever. Make sure you have an adapter for it so it doesn’t fry the outlets if you choose to take it abroad.


Phillippine Dried Green Mangos – I tried these when I was in the Philippines last October, and immediately loved them! They are a little more tart than regular dried mangoes, but they are delicious.

Personal Wishlist 

Claremont bag

LO & SONS Claremont Camera Bag

Gatta Bag

Or the ever so cute Pink Gatta Camera Bag 

Mochi Bag

Medium Waterproof mesh bag– how great is it that you can hang it up in the shower? It is completely waterproof, so perfect for those hostels.

Pool Floatie

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float– Okay this is not practical in any way, but I’ve noticed some awesome photos popping up in my newsfeed with the occasional shots of the beach with their Unicorn floatie, and I cannot help but think how fun would that be for the summer? They have such a wide variety of fun floaties that come in Pineapple, Pegasus, Watermelon, Ice Cream, Pizza, Clam, Swan, and so much more.


If that still doesn’t help? Then check out last year’s “Top 50 Wanderful Gifts for the Traveller”  for more gift ideas for their birthday.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, in which I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps with the costs of running this site, thanks! I choose these items because I personally love them, and wanted to share them with you in hopes you have an awesome birthday! Enjoy! 


                                                Happy Birthday! 😉

Happy Freaking Birthday

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