July 17th, 2006 by Cherié

Austria, an undiscovered gem

Its very hard to go into Austria without breaking into a song from the infamous movie, “The Sound of Music” or even hum the intro to one of Mozart’s masterpieces. Austria is a city that prides themselves in music, they are very famous for it. Vienna, Music capital of the world. While you are there, make sure you visit an Opera. I guarantee you its brilliant, stunning, and just quite an fantastic work of art.
Austria is a country, with beautiful scenery, tall mountains, rolling hills, and even the locals are so genuinely nice, you will not forget them, ever. I know I wont.. My time in Austria was really interesting and amazing, I spent more time there than I did any other country. I do have to admit, I didn’t really know much about this place other than Arnold Schwarzenegger was from here.. Sad as it is, but I was determined to find other things about this place that I can love, discover, and I accomplished that.. Austria is a place for everyone, its for those who love movies, music, history, and scenery.
I made an visit to Mautheusen Concentration Camp. It was unbearable just walking through these halls, I couldn’t stand it, I was just so sad, angry and just so emotional. I couldn’t believe this, this had actually happened. All the things that I read about, learned in high school pales nothing in comparison to the real thing. What I saw there, I will never forget as much as I try to. I was also fortunate to meet with an survivor, his story chilled me to the bone. It really made me have an renewed perspective on life, and It really made me realize that I took things for granted, and after that experience I missed home incredibly much, wanted to see my family and tell them that I loved them.

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