July 14th, 2006 by Cherié

16 going on 17 – Salzburg

“When the bee stings, When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things” The song simply makes you want to bust out “The Sound of Music” DVD and sing along to each song. Salzburg, one of locations where they filmed the movie. It was a charming town, after arriving here. I recognized several scenes from the movie. In the main square, you will find the fountain, where Julie Andrews sings to the Von Trapp kids. There was a studio where they filmed several scenes, but when I was there they weren’t open. In fact, everyone was preparing for the Salzburg music festival, honoring Mozart. The town was pristine, gorgeous, and everything was so fresh, including the freshly painted walls!
I was there during an wonderful time, it was the 500th anniversary of Mozart.. The composer was everywhere, on the walls, the window displays, chocolate covered with Mozart wrappings. Bach, would have said “Mozart, Mozart, Mozart!” in the likes of Jan Brady. But I will never know. But, I loved Mozart. His music is breathtaking, and gorgeous. Another thing you must do while you are here. Visit Mozart’s birthplace, his actual home. It’s unmistakeably yellow, with a huge print labeling the building in red MOZART. Most of the town was closed, renovating their buildings for the music festival to come. I was severely disappointed to find out that I couldn’t go into the museum. Someday, I will come back here.
Another thing you will find here, Christmas Shoppes. You will see them almost on every corner, they are open year round. Christmas here is supposed to be lovely, so I am told. The guide told me, that they have huge Christmas trees sprawled across town all aglow with lights and ornaments. They also hosts Christmas markets or Christkindlmarkt, as they are called. Mostly they host them at Germany, but Austria hosts their own in several different towns. Rows and rows of stalls with Christmas delicacy, hot cocoa, warm cookies especially gingerbread is sure to be found on each corner. Be sure to look them up if you are ever here during Christmas.

Movie magic was made here with the Sound of Music, an instant classic. However, several locals have never seen the film itself! But no worries, there are still the Sound of Music tours.
It was a musical city, and I adore it. I had hoped to stay for the festival, but alas it was time to go.
In my time here, I was able to experience Austria at its best, and I was there during an wonderful time, it was the 500th anniversary of Mozart..
The Hills are alive with music indeed.

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